Poetry/ Art


Hungry petals writhe in the hot sun

sweltering sand dunes

lingering fun

pastel sunsets

childhood dreams

jasper breezes

 misty moonbeams

ocean scented rains

Christmas candy canes

fists of wrath

Mr. Bubble bath

barbie and ken

jump rope days


plastic soldiers

swatch watch



crickets in the dead of night

chills up my spine

eyes of fright

ice cream wars

pillow fights

Scooby Doo

Brady bunch

Dukes of hazard

brown bag lunch

scary spiders with 800 eyes

3 older brothers and their lies

red pick-up truck

Florida fun

cartwheels in the outfield

still not done

winter snows of billowy white

my feet by the heater, sneaking at night

the crimson sun before a rain

the swells of the ocean under the stars

the ripples of the lake

hairbrush microphone

quilts for me that were sewn

popcorn movie nights

numerous adolescent fights

my Brothers and their corny ways

my first bag of Frito Lays

high school hooplas

Friday football night

big red my ride, my friends by my side

the Miata that wouldn’t go

7th grade haircut that wouldn’t grow

familiar faces you no longer know

tons more memories, I can not show……

by Sue Wilson (written in 2000)

Poetry/ Art

On Wings


I am sailing across your

ocean of love

My sail is torn and my ship has suffered a great deal,

and yet, you have vowed not to let me sink,

and by your grace the wind continues to carry me

on wings of eternity.

A Thank you, by Sue E. Wilson

sailboat boat boating sailing sunset sunrise ocean sea boracay vacation swim

“Sailing Boat in Sunset,” by Joseph Chen

Poetry/ Art


It’s quiet, it’s dim, there is nothing but the hum of my beating heart.  I close my eyes and step into my inner space. It is calm in there, mellow and relaxing, nothing chaotic stirs, nothing dark invades.  No grasping fingers, harsh tones or sorrow.  The free flowing ebb of happiness rolls over the green hills and twirls in the wind like a paper kite lifted on clouds shaped like dinosaurs, puppies, and whatever I dream.  The air tastes of summer and fresh cut grass, a symphony of crickets at night serenade, the bull frog harmonizes while the lightening bugs play morse code tag through the wood.  I smell chocolate chip cookies and the fizz of root beer float tickles my nose.  Citronella perfume and bug spray cologne mingle with sunscreen and cocoa butter body spray.  flip flop races untied laces, lemonade stands and painted faces. no worries no cares, no financial burdens no muscle flares, no illness to conquer no battles to charge into.  No matter how old I get or where life takes me….

It’s quiet, it’s dim, there is nothing but the hum of my beating heart.  I close my eyes and step into my inner space.  It is calm in there, mellow and relaxing, nothing chaotic stirs, nothing dark invades……..


A Poem by Sue. E. Wilson

Poetry/ Art


As I walk through the halls of nostalgia revisited, the woes of Community College sink in.  I am suddenly reminded of my fear of failing and instantly regret my decision to enroll.  Having navigated my first encounters successfully however, collectively still regretful, my fleeting epiphany of a silver lining emerges as a beacon of hope albeit from an unlikely comfort.  “Mom,” I turn, “Oh,” says the eighteen year old before me, “I thought you were my Mom, sorry.” The hope is with age comes wisdom, failure is nie!

a Poem by Sue E. Wilson


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Second Life

KS,beachI see the toils of my travels, the trappings of my success.

I see the miles of road ahead of me, my legs will weary yet.

I see the habits of my destruction, the lessons I must learn.

I see the conquests of my desires, the paper from one divorce grasped within my hand.

I see the accomplishments of my peers, to gain comfort in their shadow.

I see the career I once had marred by medical retire..

SO I begin my “Second Life”, I feel the noose of fear tighten.

Will I die before I live?

A Poem by Sue E. Wilson